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Get It Off Your Chest

Commemorative Bracelets For The Armed Forces

Valour Bands are a unique way of showing military service.

We create unique, handmade links to represent journeys of service, duty and pride.

Simply select links to build your story.

Stories Of Valour

Grandpa. Father. Hero.

Morris wears his Valour Band, which bears the service of his father William.

William served in the RAF as an Aircraft Gunner during WW2, seeing combat in Africa, Burma and Italy. Displayed alongside his campaign medals are the 39-45 Star, the Defence Medal and the War Medal.

Supporting the Best of Britain


Valour Bands are proudly partnered with SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity.

10% of all sales (less VAT) are donated directly to SSAFA. So when you shop with Valour Band, you’re not just getting a beautifully made, unique product but also helping to support service personnel and their families in times of hardship.

Build Something Amazing


Valour Bands are modular, so you can build up your amazing story over time.

Starting with the Core Bracelet, you can add Valour Links as you wish.  Each added link tells another part of the story, building up a picture of service duty and pride.

All Valour Links can be purchased separately, each arriving in a beautiful presentation box. Perfect as a present to mark a particular occasion or as a leaving gift from comrades.

Stories worth telling


Valour Bands not only show the service of the wearer; they may also be worn by someone close to a member of the Armed Forces.

Perfect for recognising service, duty and pride, Valour Bands create enduring links to extraordinary stories.

Don’t let those stories go untold – tell them with Valour Band.

Latest News

Made In Britain

Valour Bands are designed, manufactured and assembled here in Great Britain.

Additionally, we are in partnership with the Royal British Legion who are a vital part of our operations.  Therefore, when you order your Valour Band you’re not only getting a unique symbol of military service and a piece of British craftsmanship, but also supporting those that gave their all.


Built To Last

Made from expertly crafted British Stainless Steel, Valour Bands are capable to stand the test of time.

Clearly Superior

We use incredibly tough sapphire glass in our Valour Links, ensuring your band remains scratch free and looking great.

Instant Attraction

Your Valour Band has a beautifully crafted clasp that houses a pair of super-strong Neodymium magnets to keep everything magically in place.

Just For You

All Valour Bands are hand assembled and unique, designed meticulously to convey your story with elegance and pride.